Pest Control in Cincinnati, Ohio

It has been said that pest control companies love Cincinnati because Cincinnati seems to be a hotbed for bed bugs!

Here are some effective and simple ways To eliminate bedbugs and termites in Cincinnati, Ohio.

In major metropolitan areas, like Cincinnati, have seen a resurgence in bedbug infestations. With the possibility of a worldwide pandemic, these small creatures can literally travel from place to place once they have found a host to travel upon. The tips and strategies in this article will help you prevent infestations of bedbugs, and help you eliminate them if they currently reside in your home. If you have this problem, call a pest control service in Cincinnati, Ohio.

If you have a problem with bed bugs, you should try to contain it as much as possible. The little blood suckers most likely won’t cause any medical problems other than an itch where they bite. The bed bugs themselves should be treated like a contagious virus. Where ever the infestation is, confine the bedbugs to just that one area. Try your best to not spread bedbugs around to friends, co-workers, and or family members. Don’t give family members or friends items from your home if you have a bedbug infestation. Bed bugs could tag along for the ride and you won’t be very popular with whoever you gave the items too. Please be careful when getting rid of household furniture that may contain bedbugs.

Don’t spread the bedbug problem onto other people. Whenever you are moving items such as furniture, or getting new merchandise, there’s a risk of bedbugs coming with it. Bedbugs could easily live in storage facilities, where furniture may have been stored, or delivery trucks which deliver furniture. Just to be safe, you should plan on inspecting all furniture for bedbugs prior to it coming into your home. Bedbugs may hide in new furniture and won’t be obvious so be sure to really look for evidence of bed bugs on your new furniture.

At your local pharmacy, you can pick up some boric acid powder which is a great repellent for bedbugs. Do not place this powder in your bed, but around it. This powder should be placed in cracks and any pathway that leads to your bed to prevent their entry. The use of boric acid, typically for cockroach eradication, can be used to repel bedbugs. By steam cleaning your bed, and vacuuming frequently, you may be able to eliminate bedbugs without having to call an exterminator. Spreading rapidly the last few years, bed bugs are found throughout the world, but especially in Cincinnati. These annoying bugs, which may cause itchy and unsightly sores on your body, can be controlled and eliminated from your life. Although we have presented many ways that you can deal with bedbugs, you will need patience and consistency to finally eliminate them once and for all.