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Why Training your Dog is important

Owning a pet dog is a joyous thing. Teaching it toilet manners is a different thing altogether. There is nothing more irritating that seeing you pet relieve itself in your house. This can have an effect on the human animal bonding as a whole. You should not blame the animal as it is after all less intelligent than you are. It is up to you to train it in toilet manners. You should know why training your dog is important. Here are five steps in which you can train your dog to relieve itself in the most appropriate manner so as not to embarrass you in any way. Cincinnati puppy and dog training can be found at

1. Keep a watch on your dog:

Till the time your pet is fully trained you have to keep a close watch on it. Never give your pet the full freedom, especially if it is a new dog. The freedom has to be earned by it. You should know when and at what frequency your pet would need to relieve itself. Normally the thumb rule is that the number of hours a puppy can hold on is the number of hours per month of age plus one. The pup may feel the need to relieve about fifteen minutes after a meal / drink or after a session of play. If the dog is new, it should be on a leash till the time it is toilet trained.

2. Take it to a fixed place every day:

Fix up a spot and take the pet out at the fixed time every day. Once you reach there, you can give out a clue, either verbal or physical. The moments she goes on to relieve, keep repeating the command so that the same gets ingrained in its mind. Once she has done the job, praise her as well as give her a treat immediately. This would seem like an incentive to her. In case you are using wee-wee pads, ensure to get rid of them as soon as possible.

3. Interrupt her in case of an accident:

In case she does start to relieve herself in the house, interrupt her immediately, diverts its attention and take her to the favorite spot so that she gets trained to relieve herself at that spot only. You should take care that you do not frighten it in any way as it may tense her up further.

4. Clean up the mess at home:

In case of any mess being done at home, you have to clean it immediately. Dogs have a habit of sniffing at the place and this smell remains in her mind. This makes her come to the same place to relieve herself the next time. Thus you should immediately clean the mess with a high quality odor eliminator. This will clean the area thoroughly as well as eliminate the harmful bacteria as well.

5. Maintain a fixed schedule of diet:

It is very important that you maintain a fixed schedule for feeding and watering. It has been seen that most dogs feel the need for eliminating about fifteen minutes after a feed. Use this trait to your advantage and take it out to her favorite spot. With time she will understand and automatically go there to eliminate. You can also teach your dog to draw your attention when it feels the need for elimination.

By closely watching her habits you can pick up clues when she feels the need for an elimination. Learn to catch these subtle signals and take her out to her favorite spot. This should address the issue of teaching your pet dog toilet training habits.

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