Making the Most of Available Space Using Shipping Container Covers

It is possible to create more usable space between an inter modal and shipping containers with the use of special covers. These covers allow the owner to convert his or her current storage containers into storage space or usable shelter. The products can be easily transported, assembled together and then mounted in a way that more space is instantly achieved on a job site.

Shipping Container Cover One

A square shipping container cover with a length and width measuring 40 feet can be used as temporary fabrication shop in the course of a major plant expansion. Such a cover can offer either a short-term temporary shelter or a long-term fabric shelter solution.

Shipping Container Cover 2

A shipping container cover with a length of 40 feet and width of 30 feet are transported to a job site in a kit form and can be easily elected. Buyers can hire a company that offers turnkey installation services to install these covers. Also, the manufacturer of these covers can send a field supervisor to oversee the buyer’s labor crew.

Shipping Container Cover 3

A shipping container cover with dimensions 40 feet width and 80 feet length offers space measuring 3200 square foot. This cover can be used for storage, paint stalls, in welding shops as well as in fabrication. There are also double stacked containers that offer the right inner height for specific application and for accommodating equipment.

Shipping Container Cover 4

This shipping container cover is equipped with end panels having roll up fabric doors to completely close it.

Shipping container covers are great ways of getting cheap sheds that have better lock-up security when compared to convectional fully steel-clad sheds. Nowadays, the most common kits are the fabric roofed ones that are usually variations of some kind of semi-rigid tent structures. These covers are excellent for emergency shelters and temporary covers.